Compliance is an important implementation part of our sustainability commitment. Ecogreen is committed in engaging our stakeholders continuously to ensure compliance.  We will take serious and timely appropriate actions to address any violation or concern towards our commitment or any of our supply chain actors.

We are committed to resolve any complaint and grievance through an open, transparent and engaging grievance mechanism with relevant stakeholder during the settlement process.  The mechanism consists of grievance submission flow chart, channel to lodge the grievance,  and Ecogreen Oleochemicals non-compliance list of  grievance.

Grievance Flowchart

The processes of grievance settlement in Ecogreen Oleochemical are as flow chart below.

Grievance Channel

Grievances can be submitted through any of the following channels:

Website Submission Please click here to use the online form -
Email Required information:
  1. Name of Complainant (Personal name/Group/Organization)
  2. Job Title
  3. Confidentiality of complaint raiser (optional)
  4. Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email
  7. Description/key point of grievance
  8. Evidence to support the Grievance
Telephone (62-21) 57904500 ext. 018 Sustainability Department
Fax (62-21) 57904490 -

Grievance List

As our commitment to promote an open, transparent and engaging grievance mechanism, we periodically published our Grievance List since 2020. Any prior request might be fulfilled through sustainability team, please contact to